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About Us

Safia foundation (SF) was established in December 2012. It is registered with registration No. 2002 at Islamabad. Safia Foundation has been working on different types of disabilities in District Sialkot and District Narowal with a unique vision and direction. The intention of SF is to rehabilitate disabled persons to make them self reliant, dignified and contributing members of the society. Safia foundation is providing services to Persons with Disablities and Parents/Guardians counseling, education, health & rehabilitation, skill development, psycho social uplift and community mobilization. Safia Foundation provides a platform to the special persons for improving overall capabilities in all field of life to make them precious asset of the nation and humanity.

Who we are?

The persons with disability at Sialkot determined not to allow their physical shortcomings to impede moving forward in life with dignity, have resolved to work for the persons like them. They have founded an organization, Safia Foundation. The society wants to prove with action that the Persons with Disabilities can be assets for the people around them, rather than a liability and burden. When Safia Foundation was in a beginning process there are so many financial and moral hurdles, some people are very much negative about the main idea of this foundation which states that “Disables can live independently” people were not ready to accept that idea of independence about disabled. But Miss Shamsa Kanwal (Chair Person) took a very firm and brave decision to promote and launch this concept of independent living of disabled persons, she herself is partially blind but she did not make it a hurdle she launched Safia Foundation in December. 2012 and start awareness at very initial level because of her hard work and dedication people who were discouraging the idea of independent life of disables start listening and then somehow become positive about it.

Our Vision

Safia Foundation is a Source of Inspiration for IL Movement, a Source of Leadership in Independent Living Training, a Source to Create Barrier Free Society and a Hub in Networking of Independent Living Organizations in Pakistan and South Asia.

Our Mission

Safia Foundation provides consultancy in Independent Living, inside & outside Pakistan and expand Independent Living Centers Network Throughout the Pakistan and South Asia Region. We help Government functionaries in Devising Policies for Barrier Free & Inclusive Society for All. And we specifically focus on Advocacy for equal opportunity & accessibility of 3-Es (Education, Employment and Entertainment) to Disabled Persons.

Our Philosophy

1.     Promote independent living concept amongst Persons with Disabilities
2.     Explore potential professionals amongst Persons with Disabilities
3.     Impart self management and other skills for independent living.
4.     Create awareness for inclusive living for Persons with Disabilities within our society.
5.     Facilitate Persons with Disabilities to get education & technical skills and improve standard of their lives.
6.     All the Persons with Disabilities of locality are contacted for promoting of Independent Living Concept.
7.     All the potential trainees among the Persons with Disabilities are imparted with basic computer training and other skill programs by Safia Foundation.
8.     Awareness, improvement for barrier free inclusive living, education facilities and work facilities within the society for Persons with Disabilities
9.     Independent living training to person with disability.
10.   Peer counseling training program.

Aware and advocacy for independent living, inclusive life and barriers free society.
Provision of assistive devices in collaboration with donors agencies.
Computer training to visually impaired persons through jws software.
Attendant ship training and advocacy for a regular attendant ship profession.

Chair Person's



There is a large number of Disabled Persons who do not have assistive devices which can help them with their disability like a wheel chair, white cane, Tri Cycles, Hearing Devices etc.
You can help them by donating them these kind of assistive devices.
You can pay your part by keep in touch with disabled persons by phone calls.
You can get involved in this noble cause by sponsoring a disable.
Education is a basic element of every human being so its our noble responsibility to help those who cannot be able to get education on their own especially disabled persons need extra attention and more expensive education so you can help them by bearing their financial expenses of education.


Our Team

Pervaiz Ahmad Khan

Pervaiz Ahmad Khan

Vice Chairman
Zahoor Zara

Zahoor Zara

Junior Vice President
Gazala Akbar

Gazala Akbar

Joint Secretary
Adeela Safaqat

Adeela Shafaqat

Secretary Information
Maria Qurashi

Maria Qurashi

Director Project
Rana Muhammad Khan

Rana Muhammad Khan

General Secretary
ayesha hafeez

Ayesha Hafeez

Artificial Limbs Head